Main Entry: sot·to vo·ce

Pronunciation: "sä-tO-'vO-chE
Function: adverb or adjective
Etymology: Italian sottovoce, literally, under the voice
1 : under the breath : in an undertone; also : in a private manner
2 : very softly -- used as a direction in music

Thursday, November 11, 2004

scams, the elderly, and you

The ongoing argument is always in this society what do we do with our old people, or more respectfully, the elderly. If you ask me, I think we should build shrines to them the way they do in some countries, and when they pass on to some other life, or blackness or whatever it is we pass on to, that we keep an altar in our living room and get down on our knees and thank god for their existence and all that they did for us, for without them, we first, wouldn't be here, and second, likely wouldn't have many of the lovely things we have if we ever inherited even a dime from them, but mostly, we wouldn't have a sense of family or rootedness, and while I know that my own family is as dysfunctional or more or less than the next person's, I also know that I would not be who I am without them, both good and bad.